Let's talk about MEGS baby!

Hi! I’m Megan, but my friends call me Megs. I'm a 27 years old half Portuguese Dutchie, born and raised in Amsterdam. In 2018, I founded By Megs. The idea was simple; the scrunchie was making a comeback, and I desperately wanted one. But I refused to spend €30+ on one, so I did the only logical thing in that situation… I hyperfixated on how to make one, watched multiple YouTube tutorials, and made one for myself on my grandfathers old sewing machine. ;-) 

What started with a simple scrunchie, soon grew into something bigger. It caught on and they got increasingly more popular. I started selling online and in concept stores throughout the Netherlands, and the collection kept growing; adding hair clips and other hair accessories to the mix. 

In 2021, I launched the first By Megs Racing collection. Being a huge Formula 1 fan myself, hopelessly looking for cute, feminine Formula 1 mrch and finding, well… nothing… I again decided to take matters into my own hands. What started with 5 Formula 1 inspired scrunchies, has now grown into a collection of over 60 different F1-inspired scrunchies, but also hair clips, apparel, (make-up) bags, and sleeves. All made by and for the Formula 1 Fangirls. 

With By Megs, and its ever-growing community of F1 Fangirlies, I want to show everyone that women belong in male-dominated spaces, like motorsport, without diminishing our femininity or sparkle.