Let's talk about MEGS baby!

Hi! I’m Megan Varela Nunes. I’m a 26 year old half Portuguese Dutchie, born and raised in Amsterdam.

I decided to start my own brand of handmade scrunchies and hair accessories in the summer of 2018. Scrunchies are a versatile and super easy way to instantly make every outfit cuter. I remember thinking ‘Wow, I love these! And I think I might actually be able to make them myself!’. I just started experimenting with sizes and making some for myself. Quickly after that, my friends and family caught on to it and wanted me to make scrunchies for them, and thus the start of By Megs!

I personally always look for things that are unique. Especially when I'm on vacation, I love to bring home things that are characteristic for that country. Buying handmade and local products guarantees for unique purchases. You know you’re buying something that will not be worn by half of your peers. That is why I think that the fact that the By Megs items are handmade in Amsterdam, makes them even more special.

I hope you enjoy every By Megs purchase you make! Whether you order a handmade scrunchie or a carefully selected hair clip, I can guarantee you that they are send to you, from Amsterdam, with love.

Xoxo, Megan Varela Nunes